Race to Get Fit! Abe’s Log

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Race to Get Fit

While spring doesn’t officially begin for another couple of weeks, here in east-central Illinois, the past week and a half have harkened the coming season. It feels like it’s been a long time coming.

“Winter” came early in terms of sub-freezing temperatures in November, and a couple of weeks around the New Year where we went days below zero. I even bagged a temperature PR. On January 1, Garmin Connect logged my 1.14 mile run at -15 degrees. It was one-mile too long, in my opinion.

This winter hasn’t been the worst, mind you. Some of you might remember the 2013/2014 polar vortex year. And I’m sure far worse weather has been experienced elsewhere around the country. But when the weather is poor, even if it’s just cloudy, it’s hard to strap on our running shoes and get out on the road.

So, what does this mean for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon (CCIM)? It means that I feel like I’m behind the curve in my training. I can’t say I’m way out of shape, but I sure don’t feel confident I’m going to peak on April 27th.

What do we have to do between now and then? Take stock of the training you’ve done thus far. Look at the miles you’ve run, compare them to what you should have done, and see this as an opportunity to get back on track. Look at these long runs you’ve got in the coming weeks as ways of sticking it to winter. You’re gonna kick that season’s butt!

Flowers blooming. The birds are chirping. We have eight weeks until the marathon. We can do this. Spring is in the air!

See you on the roads!