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Protecht/Fanshield Registration Insurance

For our 2023 race, we are offering registration insurance through Protecht/Fanshield. Get reimbursed up to 100% for an additional fee if you can’t attend the event for a number of reasons, including injury, illness, travel complications, and so on. The insurance covers your registration, any processing fees, as well as any items you may have purchased, such as race gear, ARC shower passes, and so on. The cost of the insurance is based on your registration checkout total: you’d pay $2.99 if your registration checkout total is $24.99 or less; $3.99 if your registration checkout total is between $25 and $61.39; and 6.5% if your registration checkout total is more than $61.40. To learn what’s covered and what’s not, please read this Protecht/Fanshield registration insurance document.