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Course Info

All of the races start and finish on campus of the

University of Illinois — home of the Fighting Illini.

Start near the State Farm Center and run through all sides of the University of Illinois campus and some nearby neighborhoods in Champaign and Urbana (and Savoy for the marathoners), and then finish at the 50-yard line of Memorial Stadium.



We will have free parking for runners and spectators. See the map.

Handicap Parking

The handicap parking is in the north-most row of the NW lot of the State Farm Center parking lot. You can cross Kirby Avenue at the cross walk. Enter Memorial Stadium at Gate 32. The handicap seating is in the south horseshoe.

Hydration Stations/GU & Snack Stations

There are many hydration stations on the course. Hydration stations will be stocked with water, lemon lime Nuun Endurance, and GU (mile 6.75, mile 13.5, mile 17, and mile 21). Nuun is our on-course hydration sponsor. The GU station will have Vanilla Bean, Strawberry-Banana, Chocolate Outrage, and Salted Caramel GU. All flavors of GU have caffeine except strawberry-banana. Nuun Sport and water will be served on the 5K course on Friday night.

Fruit on the course

There is also an official orange stop (thank you, Meijer, for the oranges) near mile 6.5, on Amber Drive hosted by The Atkins Group. There will be another fruit stop at mile 20.


Relax. There will be plenty of portable toilets at the start and even more along the entire course.


You will not be able to run more than a couple of miles without being entertained by musicians, cheerleaders, or other performers. Check the entertainment page for more information as it develops.

Race Photography

Working with our 2025 photography partner (EnPhoto), digital photos will be available to all race finishers right on your personal results page – and they are YOURS to keep, share, and print, to your hearts’ content!