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Elite Athletes

Please complete the Elite Athlete Application and either email or fax it back to us. We will review the information provided and inform you of our decision, based on our criteria. We will not be offering any travel to our event. There will be an elite athlete meeting (that we highly recommend you attend) at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 26 at the Activities and Recreation Center, 201 E. Peabody Drive, Champaign, the same venue as the Health & Fitness Expo.

All prize money winners must submit a completed Cash_Award_Claim Form.


Elite consideration is based on these suggested times for the race you are running. Qualifying  times should within two years of our  race day. (Some discretion may be given on qualifying times)

men women
Marathon 2:37 3:12
Masters 2:45 3:20
Half Marathon 1:16 1:32
Masters 1:20 1:36


To be eligible for elite entry or prize purse at a Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon event, an athlete must

  • NOT be currently serving a suspension for use of a banned substance.
  • NOT have EVER served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs.
  • NOT be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had two or more athletes receive such suspensions in the previous 4 years.
  • NOT be represented by coaches and/or agents who ever served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career.
  • Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN, downloadable via the website
  • Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA.

Additionally, we will only work with USATF- or IAAF-authorized agents.

2019 Marathon Champions