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The following groups have met us at the Starting Line for the Illinois Marathon,
and they will be there at the Finish Line.

Want to earn free ASICS race swag?

Want to earn FREE ASICS RACE SWAG? The 2023 Christie Clinic Illinois Race Weekend is just a few months away, and we’re launching our new Referral Rewards program. If you can get five people to sign up to complete any distance with us, you’ll receive a WE RUN THIS TOWN ASICS tech tee to show […]

Running With Pain? You Might Have One of These Common Running Injuries

You’re out running on your favorite trail, and so far, everything about your run is perfect. But then, you feel an unusual burn in your heel. Or a discomforting pull of your hamstrings just behind your knee. You might even misstep and roll an ankle. Running, like any other sport, has its fair share of […]

Registration OPEN for Pace & Pedal Perimeter Challenge Virtual Event

Earth Day on April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. What better day to launch our new virtual event—the eco-friendly Pace & Pedal Perimeter Challenge. Will you join us in Taking Big Steps Toward a Smaller Footprint? Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon’s Pace & Pedal Perimeter Challenge features: […]

How Your Feet & Footwear Can Affect Your Back

One of the major causes of back pain for runners can be attributed to wearing the wrong footwear. But it shouldn’t be surprising that your shoes can cause problems with your back. After all, your footwear can greatly influence your stride and the impact your feet absorb as you run. Ill-fitting, worn, or the wrong […]

Wrapping up 2020, Welcoming 2021!

Jan Seeley, Guest Blog Writer & Co-Director of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend This post brings the welcome news that registration for our 2021 race weekend next April 29 to May 1 is OPEN for business. More on 2021 in just a bit. First, some final comments about 2020. What a surreal time […]

Resistance Band Workout Routines For Runners

These resistance band workout suggestions cover the core areas of strength, stamina, joint health, flexibility and balance – all of which are vital areas for runners. Resistance band training is ideal for runners, as it allows you to plan your workout to target specific areas of your physical health depending on your specific needs. So, […]

Protect Your Skin

Jennifer Winkleman, PA, Christie Clinic Department of Dermatology, Guest Blogger For many, running can be an enjoyable form of exercise and a good source of stress relief. Running can, however, take a toll on our skin—especially if running outdoors. With a little preparation and the right equipment, common skin problems associated with running can be […]

Row & Run Adds More Fun to Our 2020 Race Weekend

Jan Seeley, Guest Blog Writer Half of the joy of being co-director of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend is dreaming up engaging new elements to add our annual event. These can be major additions—like the new Green Street Mile on April 23. How cool will it be for six different waves of milers as […]

What If I’m Not Made to Be a Runner?

Kim Mulvaney, Guest Blog Writer Are you one of those people who have to train really hard, run for weeks leading up to a race, and progress your speed and distance slowly in order to achieve your running goals? Running is particularly difficult for you, maybe even painful, but you still have the desire to […]

The Shoe Said Project

Jenette Jurczyk, Guest Blog Writer “What if you could change the world for someone? Would you? You can. And when you do, the world changes for you.” These are the words of Mona Purdy, founder of the Share Your Soles Foundation, which has been distributing shoes to impoverished communities around the world for almost 21 […]