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The following groups have met us at the Starting Line for the Illinois Marathon,
and they will be there at the Finish Line.

Introducing Nuun Endurance

Guest blog from the team at Nuun Note: Nuun is the official hydration partner of the 2020 Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. Nuun Endurance will be served on the race course. Nuun Sport will be served postrace. Ready…Set…GO longer, stronger! Introducing Nuun Endurance, the new long-distance hydration formulation for support during those long-haul sweat sessions. Nuun […]

Healthy Runner’s Diet for Optimal Performance

Laura Jacob, Guest Blog Writer Runners often ask me, a registered dietitian, what type of diet they should follow for proper nutrition and optimal performance. How runners fuel their body for running depends on the distance and the type of training schedule they’re following. There is a big difference in the nutritional needs of marathoners […]

My Second Chance at Life

Calvin Jordan, Guest Blog Writer The year 2012 started out like most years, that is, uneventful, and went into July as being about the same as every other year. But this July is when life just about ended for me. July 3, 2012, was the day that changed my life. It was the day before […]

Pardon the Pun, Running ANCHORS Me

Connie Kulczycki Geske, Guest Blog Writer & Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon’s Social Media & Marketing Director Running has always been a part of my life—whether it be on the soccer field from age 5 to 19, on the treadmill of my college’s gym, or around the block during group fitness classes in Chicago as a […]

Your Best Race Is In Sight!

Jan Seeley, Guest Blog Writer & Co-Director of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend Race Weekend is six months and 17 days away! Many of you have seen our 2020 race poster reveal video (worth another view if you missed its debut). The poster declares the 2020 theme—Your Best Race Is In Sight! What do […]

Lodgic Every Day Community Supports Healthy Families

Angela Balcor, Guest Blog Writer I used to enjoy long runs in the morning before work. I would wake up early, leave my house when the world was still asleep, and watch the sun rise while I pushed my body to be stronger and healthier. I’d try to beat my personal time or add more […]

Meet Our 2020 Race Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to launch our first-ever Race Ambassador program. The sixteen individuals comprising our inaugural team know the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend inside and out. Between them, our ambassadors have 83 finishes of race weekend events! Our race ambassadors are passionate about running and about our event and want to spread the word […]

The Race Where It All Started

Morgan Mahn, Guest Blog Writer If you had told me back in 2015 that in just three years’ time I would be a proud finisher of over 13 half marathons, eight marathons, eight ultramarathons, and be planning a trip to run another marathon in Berlin, Germany, I would not have believed you. In fact, at […]

Home Sweet Home

Chad Burke, Guest Blog Writer I had a goal of running in every Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend since its beginning in 2009. Work caused me to miss 2017, so now my goal is to run in every Illinois Marathon Race Weekend….except one. So far, so good. Why do I keep coming to Champaign to […]

Going “Green”

From the Desk of Jan Seeley, Co-Director & Guest Blog Writer As our Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend turns the page and starts its second decade, one of our goals is earning certification for meeting the industry standard for responsible event production. There’s a fabulous organization called the Council for Responsible Sports that works […]