Meet Our 2020 Race Ambassadors

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We’re thrilled to launch our first-ever Race Ambassador program. The sixteen individuals comprising our inaugural team know the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon Race Weekend inside and out. Between them, our ambassadors have 83 finishes of race weekend events!

Our race ambassadors are passionate about running and about our event and want to spread the word within their communities to recruit folks who have never been to Champaign-Urbana to join in the fun next April 24–25.

Our ambassadors hail from all over the state of Illinois as well as from Kansas City, Missouri; Birmingham, Alabama; and Janesville, Wisconsin.

Let’s meet this dynamic team:

A seven-time veteran of race weekend, Aaron says, “I love the atmosphere around the whole city during race weekend. It is so cool to see tens of thousands of people descend onto Champaign-Urbana for a fun event promoting health, wellness, and all the great things C-U has to offer.”
A 10-time veteran of race weekend, Chad says, “The 27th mile is probably my favorite part of race weekend!”
A five-time veteran of race weekend, Andrea loves “the course and the crowd” best of all.
A seven-time veteran of race weekend, Duane says, “I like all parts of the race…The spectators and the other runners really make it all worthwhile.”
A seven-time veteran of race weekend, Christina says, “I’m born and raised here in Champaign and I just get emotional at how (despite any differences and stresses) this community comes together to support one another!”
A four-time veteran of race weekend, Kate says, “It’s an overall amazing weekend that we have made a FAMILY affair that we keep coming back for.”
An eight-time veteran of race weekend, Jenny Mae loves the “speaker series, great course with great volunteers, and spending the weekend with my mom who lives in Champaign.”
A two-time veteran of race weekend, Melany loves “the postrace party, of course!”
A three-time veteran of race weekend, Cal’s favorite part is the “marathon racecourse.”
A six-time veteran of race weekend, Maddie’s “favorite part of race weekend is running through campus, especially during the 5K. As a U of I graduate, running through campus reminds me of my time as an undergrad and brings back special memories. It feels like Homecoming every time I come back for the race, and I look forward to it every year!”
A four-time veteran of race weekend, Morgan “loves all of the fan support along the ENTIRE course. I currently live in Kansas City, MO but get a lot of my family and friends in Illinois to come down to Champaign for race weekend. That in addition to being an alum makes it really feel like an awesome homecoming!”
A four-time veteran of race weekend, Jenn loves “the excitement of the runners and the great spectators. C-U pride!”
A three-time veteran of race weekend, Terra enjoys “cheering on other people in the races!”
A seven-time veteran of race weekend, Jackie “loves every aspect of the race. I love bragging to the running community about why you should do this race and why it’s my favorite. I’ve been able to meet so many people through this race, and I love the need to come back for more every year.”
A four-time veteran of race weekend, Jason enjoys “the 5K because it is so much fun to cheer and see the fun outfits!”
A two-time veteran of race weekend, Shilo “loves everything about the race!”