The Memory of Joe Pacer Lives On

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What started as a single blog entry the day after Joe Seeley entered the University of Chicago Medical Center for treatment in January 2011 ended up spanning 21 months. Joe shares intimate details of his journey with unflinching honesty, laugh-out-loud humor, and a gentle grace. He lets us experience with him the exhilarating highs and harrowing lows of his leukemia roller-coaster ride. And in doing so, he transforms us.

Joe’s Blasts “is also the story of an athlete who faces increasing physical limitation and illness with great grace, and of a coach who models courage and decency.”

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Read Jodi Heckel’s review of the book in Tuesday’s News-Gazette: “Hope is Good Medicine”

Joe Seeley was a key member of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon and the husband of co-director, Jan Seeley.