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Race Communications

We communicate with entrants and others through e-newsletters and other e-mail messages, TV, radio and webinars. See below for communications leading to the 2015.

E-newsletters and other updates from the race come from the address director@illinoismarathon.com. Please add this address to your contact list or e-mail whitelist so that important information does not end up in your spam filter.

We provide a partial archive of communications from previous years.

2014 WCIA's Face of the Race

Cole's Story

28-year-old Cole Hendrix was training for this year's Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon when his life changed in an instant.

Running for a Reason

This "Face of the Race" is going the extra mile to raise money for cancer research, and it's all because of her dad.

One Man, Three Jobs

Mike Lindemann is one man, but he's undertaking three very important jobs in the community.

Face of the Race: A Unique Perspective

Many people are already signing-up for the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. The WCIA-3 Morning Show is celebrating "Marathon Mondays" by sharing a new "Face of the Race" story every Monday leading up to race day.

Face of the Race: Kristina's Story

Kristina Meece says she never dreamed she would become a runner, but she says running has changed her life.

Face of the Race: Run for Baby

Colin started running to lose weight, and now his motivation is growing--a little more each day.

Face of the Race: Letters from the future

Greg Boldt was denied health insurance because of his weight and high blood pressure. He was determined to get coverage for his family, and that meant getting in shape -- using any motivation he could.

Face of the Race: 10K Four-Pete?

Rachel Zubricky is looking for her 4th straight 10K win. But the reigning two-time runner up is hoping to finally catch her.

Running With Noah

One group is helping more people because of the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. The Developmental Services Center got the largest single-donation after last year's race. WCIA-3's Cynthia Bruno finds out how the money is helping people live more "normal" lives.

The Latest Numbers

The Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon races are filling up. WCIA 3's Cynthia Bruno takes a look at what races are most popular and who's signing up in this week's Face of the Race.

Human Kinetics Webinars

Developing Speed in Distance Runners, presented by Owen Anderson

Yoga for Runners: The Benefits & Practice Revealed, presented by Christine Felstead